The Wright Lab

This space will be populated with helpful information and links for students looking to join the lab. Stay tuned! Below, you can read about what the Wright lab is all about.

Research Interests

You can find a copy of my thesis here.

A funded grant proposal can be found here.

My CV is here and links to publications are here.

Broadly, the Wright lab is interested in statistical phylogenetics, particularly the integration of molecular and morphological information to answer evolutionary questions.

Fossils and Phylogeny

I’m very interested in the best practices for estimating phylogenetic trees from combined molecular and morphological datasets (including information from the fossil record). Fossil data present many challenges for researchers investigating phylogenetic and macroevolutionary questions. Missing data, biases in preservation and model adequacy are all topics in which I have an interest. Keep an eye on my blog for tutorials and other hosted materials on this topic.


Putting Fossils in Time Trees

How can we best make use of fossil data when estimating divergence dates? How can current methods, such as ‘tip-dating’ methods, be applied to paleontological information? Along with collaborators, I am developing empirical projects to address this question.


Estimation and Use of Phylogenetic Trees

If you can put a tree on it, I’m interested. I’m a part of several projects including phylogenomic studies of population history and examining the contribution of topological uncertainty in modeling the evolution of complex traits.


Computational Literacy and Education

I’m probably most vocally interested in the pedagogy of computation and increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in this field. My courses taught page is frequently updated with course materials, all of which are CC-BY. Feel free to use these materials as you see fit (but attribute me!), or get in touch with me to talk more about them.